Tea Tree Infused Hair Growth Oil



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Highly recommended!!! The hair growth oil is the bomb!! You actually see results with this product! Very clean, light weight oil and it does not irritate my son’s sensitive scalp. The shipping was also very fast. I keep this oil on deck!!


I have been using this product on my daughter for a WEEK, and I can already see a significant amount of hair growth. This product is definitely a must have! It’s been hard to find something that works for her, but this is truly perfect. I use the growth oil 3 times a week, one time a day... I can’t wait to stay on this journey, and continue to try out other Dsoie products. Please don’t hesitate, get the hair growth oil today!!

Alicia Charles-Hollis

I’ve been using the hair oil for almost a year now and have seen such an improvement in my hair quality & texture. It’s lightweight and smells great. Definitely my go to. I’m obsessed with it.

GG Smith

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